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Formako, spol. s.r.o. is engaged in the production of cutting knives

Cutting knives, plates and punching work.

About us

For the production of cutting knives, we use high-quality steel from the Austrian company voestalpine High Performance Metals /formerly the company Böhler Uddeholm/, other components such as punches and spikes from the Swedish company Gerdis.

We make knives to order according to the customer's specifications, we use knife steel in different heights and with different bevels of the blade depending on the type of material to be cut /leather, plastic, textile, paper, etc./

Our company has extensive experience in the production of cutting knives for the automotive industry /we supply knives to Germany, the USA and Mexico/

We also offer cutting knives to manufacturers of shoes, saddlers, bag makers, for the textile industry, knives for the production of seals (rolled and turned), hand cutting tools, etc.

Our products

Cutting knives

  • Custom production of cutting knives according to supplied documents /templates, drawings, etc./
  • Possibility of sending electronic documents for production /e.g. dxf, cdr format, etc./
  • Using high quality strip steel from voestalpine High Performance Metals
  • Commonly used mat heights 19, 25, 30, 32, 50mm and more

Cutting plates

  • Made of PP
  • Hardness and use:
  1. White ( 75-78 Shöre, textile, rubber)
  2. Green ( 65-69 Shöre, leather)
  3. Slicing (72 Shöre, handmade)
  • Standard sizes + prices on request
  • Atypical dimensions by agreement
  • Refurbishment of used chopping boards

Punching work

  • Punching on hydraulic conventional and bridge machines (paper, leather, textile, plastic, foam, gaskets ...)


FORMAKO, spol. s r.o.

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Petra Tkadlecová

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